Grainfather, NYE upgraded model, nu på lager.

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Da er den nye upgraded model av den populære Grainfather ankommet masse forbedringer, og upgrades. Blir helt konge. Årets julegave for hjemmebryggeren. Sammen med ett ølkit fra ølbryggeren selvfølgelig 🙂

PREORDER Grainfather
Connect Control Box
We have now completed our Beta Testing of the Grainfather Connect Control Box. Our beta
testers have provided us with some really positive feedback, receiving an overall score of 4.2/5
on our feedback survey. Many thought the bluetooth connection with a device and the alerts at
the various brewing stages were great features and will make their brew day even easier. They
also loved that it has a PID algorithm and a delayed heating feature (features explained below).
Any negative feedback was mainly due to the LCD Screen – these were getting damaged during

shipping from rough handling. The enclosure has been changed to avoid this happening in future,
the heating cutout – the control box was showing 100% power but there was no heat output, and
the temperature would drop. This was caused by a bug in the software which has now been fixed.
The finalised features of the Grainfather Connect Control Box are as follows:
• Complete control over the heater power using a modified PID algorithm.
• A bluetooth connection between your device and the new control box
• Delayed heating feature where you can program in a time you want your water to start
• Fits all Grainfathers currently on the market
• App compatible with iOS and Android. Android software will need to be 4.3 or higher and
hardware will need to be Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)/Bluetooth Smart. IPhone/IPad software
will need to be iOS 8 or higher and the hardware will need to be iPhone 4S or higher (will not be
compatible with Windows operating systems).
• Recipes can be imported to the app (eg from Beersmith) and we are also developing a recipe
creator for our Grainfather website which will sync with the app.
At the NZ Beervana Festival we demonstrated using our new Grainfather Connect Control
Box to customers. In line with feedback from beta testers, people are really keen to get their
hands on them as quickly as possible.
If you could please let us know how many you think you will need (by emailing globalsales@, we can estimate better the amount to order and endeavour to meet your needs. It
will also help us with scheduling any follow up orders/shipments. We only need preorders for
the control box on its own.
PLEASE NOTE: Customers who purchase the current version of Grainfather now will not be
disadvantaged. So they can still buy now and purchase the contol box later at only a small extra
cost than the Grainfather with Connect Control Box and get brewing straight away!


David Heath GF



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