Brewferm Beer Brew 25 Combo Pack

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Brewferm® Beer Brew 25 Combo Pack: Komplett pakke med udstyr til at bryggedin egen øli en veldig advanceret Brewferm pakke ! Bryggepakken indeholder magnetisk drive pumpe, Chiller, og adabter set. En meget FLOTT pakke.

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The Brewferm® Beer Brew 25 is an all-in-one, stainless steel brewing system, capable of brewing up to 25 litres of wort effortlessly. With a capacity of 2500 watts, which is 25% higher than current kettles on the market, you bring your filtered wort quickly to the boil.


2500 W adjustable heating element
with power regulator for optimal mashing and cooking
fast and uniform heating
stainless steel AISI 304
digital display
contains malt pipe for easy filtering
gross content kettle: 34 litre
content malt pipe: 21 litre
easy to use and easy to clean
extensively illustrated step-by-step manual
Brewferm® Pump’in 15 magnetic drive pump
High quality, multi-purpose magnetically driven pump. Suitable for transferring and circulating wort and for the circulation of cooling water and cleaning liquids.


for liquids up to 90 °C
fully closed casing
plastic casing
virtually silent
not self-priming

circulate wort during the mashing when using a filter bottom (RIMS)
transfer wort from lauter tun to brewing kettle
transfer wort from brewing kettle to fermentation tank (connect behind the cooler)
re-circulate cleaning liquid through plate heat exchanger, soda keg, etc.
circulating cooling water through water-cooled fermentation tanks
Brewferm® connection set for Pump’in pump (018.010.9)
Complete set for using your Brewferm Pump’in magnetic drive pump to circulate wort, cleaning products etc.

The set includes:

2 m silicon hose (9 x 13 mm); which can be cut to size depending on your set-up.
2 1/2″ hose socket 13 mm; fits perfectly with the accompanying silicone hose.
large plastic hose clip for clamping the output of your pump. This allows users to reduce the output flow rate if desired. Applicable when you are using your Pump’in as a circulation pump for wort.
Brewferm® Chill’in 20 SST wort chiller (057.020.20)
This wort chiller cools 20 litres of boiling wort to 20-25 °C in 20 minutes, using cooling water at 23 °C. Thanks to the smaller diameter, it fits in most common brew kettles. It is highly durable and easy to maintain.


diameter 20 cm
immersion chiller
easy to maintain and to use
including hose connections 3/4″
3 year warranty


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